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The very best brands from around the globe

Cats Make Great Pets

20 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

Cats bring unconditional love and companionships to our lives. Having a cat can help reduce stress and improve our overall health. Here are some reasons that show why cats can be great pets.

Cats are Clean Animals

Cats invest time to groom themselves, so you are not required to wash your cat regulalrly. Cats generally smell much better. Since cats are capable of keeping themselves clean, they feel cleaner than dogs.

Cats are Calm Pets

Even the most relentless meows are a lot calmer than a dog’s bark. Even when your cat is trying her hardest to irritate you into giving her treats, her meow sounds are a lot charmer than a dog’s bark. It is less likely to have neighbours whining about your cat meowing excessively. It’s quite hard to get irritated by adorable little sounds cat and kittens make.

Cats are Trouble-Free

Cats are independent animals, especially compared with dogs. Cats don’t need to be taken outside numerous times a day for exercising or to do their business. Even though cats need love and affection like dogs, they don’t need much interaction. Cats can venture out of the house without your supervision, and they are less likely to destroy your valuable content in the home.

Cats are not the kind of pets to Be Taken Outside

Cats do not require to be taken outside late at night to do their stuff. While nobody gets excited to clean a litter-box, it is still a lot simpler and easier compared to taking your dog outside during a cold and rainy winters day. Cats are small, therefore do not need a large area. Cats love vertical spaces to climb, which can be easily provided. Since cats don’t have to outside regularly, they are less likely to dirty the carpet or floorboards. Cats are gifted with a good sense of direction and are less likely to get lost.

Cats are easier pets to Litter Train

Most kittens are litter-trained by the time you bring them home. Kittens learn to use the litter-tray from their mothers. Cats instinctively know to excrete faecal-matter on soil or sand, therefore, the most you will need to do to prepare your new kitten is to show her the litter box.

Cats Protect the House From Pests –

The simple presence of a cat is typically enough to scare mice and rodents away. Cats rub themselves against things leaving their scent, this scent of cats make rats scatter. Cats also mark their territories with their urine, this also send warning signals to many rodents. Cats love to hunt, it’s not uncommon to see cats playing with smaller insects.

Cats are Less Expensive Pets than Dogs –

Since cats are small, they eat less making them less expensive to keep. Cats don’t need a lot of toys, they are happy with an empty box or even a piece of string to keep them occupied for hours. Vet care is also more affordable for cats compared with dogs.

Cats can be Left Alone for a While –

Since cats don’t need to be taken outside to do their business, cat owners can be away for a little longer compared with dog owners. Cat’s tend to sleep during the day, they are more active during the night time, so they may not miss you as much as a dog during the day time. Some cats that are allowed to venture outside by themselves, they usually come back when they are hungry.

Cats are Absolute Apartment Pets –

Cats are small so they occupy less room. Cats are more likely to be happy living in a smaller apartment compared to a dog. Cats are generally peaceful compared with dogs, so neighbours in your apartment complex is less likely to be troubled by a cat’s meows.

Cats are formidable pets –

There isn’t anything better than a cat purring on your lap after a long day’s work. Cats can be friendly and affectionate as much as a dog. Some cat breeds tend to be more affectionate than others.

Cats are pets with less convention –

Perhaps the best thing about cats is that they are free animals. In contrast to dogs, which require a significant degree of attention every day, cats tend to be happy by themselves. Cats are known to rest up to 15 hours every day, so you don’t need to stress over them being too bored when you’re busy working. When you come home, cats are likely to be content while dogs may request your entire attention.

Cats are the pets with a Long Life Cycle –

All pet owners understand that losing a pet can be a devastating experience. Luckily, cats have a longer life span compared with dogs. Studies show that the average life expectancy of a cat ranges between 13 and 20 years, while the maximum life span ranges between 20 and 30 years.

Cats are Really Good for your Health –

Findings from An Australian study performed in 2015 involving 92 cat owners showed “that the cat owners had significantly lower scores for general psychological health, indicating a lower level of psychiatric disturbance, and could be considered to have better psychological health than the non-pet subjects.”. Owning a cat is known to decrease stress, improve relationships and over all health.

Cats are the pets that can help reduce Asthma Risk –

A recent study found that children exposed to pets during infancy have a lower risk of developing asthma by the age of 7 years. This research report was supported by the National Institute of Health – USA. The findings were published on September 19th in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Cats are Friendly with Kids –

While dogs can be somewhat boisterous around kids, cats can be a lot more gentle and affectionate. Cats can be energetic and affectionate, however, always supervise children when they are with cats.

Cats are Funny –

This is why the Internet love Cats! Cats have no idea how funny they are, they can be strange and mysterious, predictable but equally unpredictable. They are easily distracted by nothing, this is why we love cats.

Cats can Groom Themselves

Of course, it is a good idea to take your cat to the groomers regularly. For the most part, cats are happy to groom themselves, it’s part of being a cat.

It is Easy to Travel with Cats –

Cats usually travel in crates while traveling which makes it easier to travel with them. Traveling in crates is also less distracting for the driver. Cats are smaller and take up less room, you will have more room for you and your luggage.

Cats are Less Attention Seeking Pets –

Cats are affectionate and loving, but they are less demanding when it comes to attention. If you think they are showing signs of improper attention, they could be hungry, stressed or feeling anxious. If you suspect there is something wrong with your cat, please consult your veterinarian immediately.

Cats are considered to be the most recognizable Pets –

Cats and kittens have been ruling social media for some time now. Cat owners regularly post adorable photographs and videos of their pets via web-based media. There are incredibly famous cats on the Internet. That’s why Cats make the best pets.

Depending on your lifestyle, a cat may or may not be suitable for you. Cats are easier to care for, just as dogs they are loyal and playful. Cats are adorable, inquisitive and mysterious, they are low maintenance . Cats are quite possibly the most favourite pets in the world.

Lastly don’t forget to feed your cat the best food available on the market.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash


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