The very best brands from around the globe

The very best brands from around the globe

Pet Foods

Things to consider when selecting the Best Pet Foods in Australia for Dogs and Cats – Part 1

Pets are a large part of our lives – most consider them to be a ‘part of the family’. It’s natural for us to want to give them the best foods, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. This is a guide to selecting the best pet foods in Australia. A little under two-thirds of Australian households have pets, with dogs and cats being the most popular choice, below recommendations on pet foods are for our canine and feline companions. 

What to Look for in Pet Foods?

Pet foods are most often sold in the form of dry pellets, and a quick look at the ingredient list can help you decide which product is the most suitable for you. Since dogs and cats are primarily meat-eaters, high-quality dog and cat food should contain mostly animal proteins. Ingredients on labels are usually listed in order of their percentage by weight, so the higher up any type of meat is listed on the label, the more nutritious it is. If the source of protein is ambiguous, or a byproduct of meat processing – it is of lower quality. Look for ingredients like Salmon, Bison, Chicken, Venison. Check out the Taste of the Wild range.

As obligate carnivores, cats will not thrive on the pet foods that are high in carbohydrates. It is recommended cats be given foods that are high in moisture content along with dry food, for variety and to increase their water consumption found in wet food. This characteristic of higher moisture content in wet / canned food is also likely to help owners control calorie intake and weight in their cats. Check out Taste of the Wild wet food range.

You are what your pet foods are?

Veterinary researchers continue to find that pet owner may not be aware of their pet’s weight issues, with many pet parents failing to recognize the difference between healthy weight vs overweight in pets. Several studies have pointed out to owners believing their pets to be of normal weight when in fact overweight or obese.

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or pet foods, please talk to your veterinarian. Check out our World’s first Grain-Free* Vet Developed Nutrition – Diamond CARE products range.

It only takes a few minutes to read the labels

 By reading the ingredient labels of pet foods you can make the best choice for your pets, within your budget. Armed with all the information you need, and a few recommendations, you are bound to make the right choice. 

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