The very best brands from around the globe

The very best brands from around the globe

Orijen Dog Food

What is Orijen Dog Food and is it worth it?

If you own a dog and understand the importance nutrition plays in their overall health, then chances are you have heard about Orijen dog food. What exactly is ORIJEN dog food? Well before we can address this question we need to go back….way back.

Dogs have been a faithful companion to humans for over 10,000 years, yet despite our long and close association with dogs, they remain the closest to the grey wolf, at least genetically speaking. Dogs still share over 99% of their mitochondrial DNA with the grey wolf. Despite their obvious visual differences and millennia of domestication, the anatomical features of the modern-day dog remain largely unchanged to that of the grey wolf. Understanding these anatomical features is the first step to understanding which food is Biologically Appropriate for them.

The modern-day dog has:

  1. A short, simple and acidic digestive tract. Protein and fat derived from animals is easily digested, hence the short digestive tract.
  2. Jaws that only operate vertically (up and down), designed to provide a cutting or shearing motion and swallowing large chunks of meat.
  3. Sharp elongated teeth designed for killing prey and tearing meat.
  4. A complete absence of Amylase in their saliva. Amylase; an enzyme that starts the process of breaking down carbohydrates. Dogs have not adapted to eating carbohydrates efficiently.

These key anatomical features demonstrate that dogs have an adaptation for a diet that is almost exclusively meat based.

So back to our question – What is ORIJEN Dog food?

ORIJEN dog food is made with 85% animal ingredients. 2/3 of all meat used in ORIJEN dog food is FRESH or RAW. In fact ORIJEN contains more than 3 times as much meat as most conventional dried pet foods. Whether it’s the chicken in our ORIJEN Original formula, the fish in our ORIJEN Six Fish formula or the Bison in our ORIJEN Regional Red formula the animal ingredients are present in whole prey ratios, that is 70% meat & fat, 20% Organs and 10% Bone and Cartilage.

The ratio of animal ingredients is equally as important as the % of ingredients as it ensures the diet is Biologically Appropriate. In addition to this it also ensures the essential Amino Acids, Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are present in the raw ingredients at the correct levels.

This eliminates the need for added synthetic amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Just read the ingredient panel on any ORIJEN dog food bag, not only will you see the first 10 ingredients are animal ingredients, but you will also see the absence of virtually any added synthetic vitamins or minerals. This video will provide further insight into how ORIJEN dog food is different to other conventional pet foods.

Is it worth it?

Conceived by Champion Pet Foods back in 2005, ORIJEN is widely regarded as the world’s best pet food and is trusted by pet lovers everywhere. Their Biologically Appropriate pet foods are made using Fresh Regional Ingredients from people they know and trust. They have a direct relationship with all key ingredient suppliers. Whether it’s Greg of Hefton Farm in Hanson, Kentucky who supplies their free-run chickens, or Ellen of Keltic Seafoods in British Columbia, supplier of their sustainably caught saltwater fish. All key suppliers uphold a strong commitment to sustainability, quality, food safety and traceability.

In addition to this, Champion Pet Foods own and operate their very own kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky, USA. This kitchen is the most technologically advanced on earth. Every aspect of the cooking process is carefully controlled and monitored inhouse. This process is never outsourced.

In summery – Not all dog foods are created equal. ORIJEN dog food represent the fullest expression of a Biologically Appropriate diet, designed for dogs according to their biological and evolutionary needs. All ORIJEN diets contain high inclusions of quality animal ingredients in whole prey ratios providing nutrients in their most nourishing form.

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